It looks like MSU football will have a totally new look team when they take the field next season. Head Coach Mel Tucker knows he needs new and better players if he’s going to compete next year. Now with the transfer portal, teams can get better quicker.

Players opt out of their chosen schools to go to another school. Players do this to have a better opportunity to play without waiting year. The last coach Mark Dantonio left the cupboard pretty empty of really good players. Coach Tucker will have to comb the transfer portals to get players that want to be at MSU.

MSU has already put this new method into effect. They got Temple’s four year starter Anthony Russo to transfer to MSU. He will compete with Payton Thorne for the starting quarterback job. That made Rocky Lombardi who quarterbacked most of this past season transfer. He just wasn’t the guy to take them anywhere.

Coach Tucker will have to get some solid recruits out of high school, transfer portal guys and anyone they can find that can play. I feel this guy will continue to work feverishly until he gets his players into MSU.

This past Pandemic season was one for the ages. I haven’t ever met or spoken with Tucker, but he knows this. Better players equals more wins. Pretty fundamental.

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