At Mel Tucker’s weekly zoom press conference with the media he made it plain and simple…unacceptable. The brand of football he has preached since arriving in East Lansing is non- existent.

At this presser he more or less said if you’re not going to give it 150%, get out! He preached that we are going to be a smash mouth football team and it’s not happening.

The quarterback situation is radically bad. They need to scour the world for new players. A type of player that the big schools are getting. Listen, MSU is a great school and a great campus. It’s very attractive for a top shelf athlete.

I have to give head coach Mel Tucker credit because he put all players on notice to perform, work harder and be more aggressive. This team looks to be on the soft side.

Sure, blame it on the Pandemic but what about next season? I’m glad this guy lit these players up and woke them up. If everyone is on the same page, that would be perfect.

Bottom line, this isn’t like some of the past teams Tucker has coached on.

Listen, this guy got the job because of a strong reference from Nick Saban. I know Saban wouldn’t accept this bad football. Mel Tucker you have to wake this team up!

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