By now you've probably heard that LSU’s head coach Ed Orgeron will be stepping down as their head coach at the end of this season. He won a National Championship just two years ago. How quickly they forget. So he will be a lame-duck coach and finish out the year at LSU.

The idiotic rumors now swirl. Who will be the next head coach at LSU? The name that is a front runner is MSU’s head coach Mel Tucker. How do these rumors start? Some media people thrive and are addicted to this fake news in the sports world. But that’s part of being in the media. There are a lot of ambulance chasers these days. Meaning, who will be the first person to get the story. I would rather be last and right.

This is such garbage. I haven’t met Mel Tucker yet, but I can almost guarantee that Mel Tucker will stay pat at MSU. First of all, he was only at Colorado one year as their head coach. He came here in a whirlwind courtship too.

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His first year was during the heart of the Pandemic last season. Tucker isn’t going anywhere. This is sports fake news. Do you really think he will leave after two years? I just can’t see it!

Mel Tucker isn’t going anywhere! For one thing, he has a solid core of players at Michigan State. The transfer portal has been very kind to Mel Tucker. I can’t see him leaving this soon.

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