This weekend’s contest between MSU and Michigan will be the best college game in 50 states. Everyone from ESPN GameDay to the Fox guys and Barstool Sports guys will all be on MSU's campus.

This will probably be the most intense game I’ve ever done a tailgate show for. There is so much on the line. Not only bragging rights to the state of Michigan but both teams are ranked in the top ten in the AP.

Michigan is coming off a dismal season, to say the least. MSU is coming off a very strange season where games were paused and canceled because of the Pandemic. But MSU was a 21 point road underdog in Ann Arbor last season and they defeated Michigan in a solid fashion.

This year MSU almost has a new team with new players coming and going with the Transfer Portal. MSU also has the leading ground gainer in all of college football in Kenneth Walker III.

On the other hand, Michigan has a very solid team. They are ranked 6th and MSU is ranked 8th overall in the AP Poll.

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The question that everyone is asking is who has more at stake, Jim Harbaugh or MSU’s head coach Mel Tucker? I would totally agree it’s Harbaugh. He has won a lot of games, but not against top ten teams in college football. He hasn’t gotten to the Big Ten Championship Game yet and hasn’t gotten close to a college National Championship Game either.

Harbaugh needs a victory in East Lansing this Saturday in the worse way. If MSU wins, it could be goodnight nurse for Jim Harbaugh with the U of M fan base. Michigan is a four-and-a-half-point road favorite this Saturday.

Toe to leather is noon at Spartan Stadium, where all eyes will be on both these teams! Can Jim Harbaugh cut the cake? We shall see soon enough.

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