Right when you think everything is going in the perfect direction, MSU Barney Fife’s themselves in the foot.

After a solid performance on the road a weekend before in Ann Arbor, the MSU Spartan football team laid the proverbial egg. Last Saturday in Iowa City, the Spartans were a road dog.

It’s unbelievable that MSU played so rotten against Rutgers, bounced back and played great versus Michigan, and got blown out on the road by the Hawkeyes.

I have been on MSU quarterback Rocky Lombardi. He played in his home state of Iowa in front of family last Saturday. He grew up just two hours from Iowa City. His family was there and he also laid another egg.

I really can’t gauge this Mel Tucker-led team yet. There are a lot of positives and negatives with their play so far in the first three games. The Iowa Hawkeyes just crushed this team. Both the offense and defense just smelled. If I was a young player on MSU, I would work my tail off for more playing time.

Now MSU hosts the Indiana Hoosier’s on Saturday at noon. The Hoosier’s are coming off a sound defeat of Jim Harbaugh’s Wolves. Indiana is led by their outstanding quarterback Pennix.

Indiana is a seven in a half point road favorite in the clash at Spartan Stadium. Toe to leather is at high noon. Mel Tucker has to recharge this team and very quickly.

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