Well, the Lions get two wins in a row. Unbelievable! It was in comeback fashion, too.

The Lions were a road underdog (as they should have been). But this franchise will get your hopes up and then they crap out when games matter and are on the line. The Lions have had two road wins in a row. Last week was against the Jags, and they're marginal at best. Yesterday’s win versus the Falcons was huge.

Even though the Lions are up and down every week, a win is a win. They defeated the Atlanta Falcons with barely any time left on the game clock. Matthew Stafford orchestrated a monumental comeback drive. He side-armed a perfect toss to tight end T.J. Hockenson. The Lions won on the road once again 23-22. That brings them back to the .500 mark at 3-3. Actually not bad for a team that should have a better record.

The Lions head coach Matt Patricia has come under fire because of losing games after having the lead. Next Sunday the Lions will host the Indy Colts. The Lions are an opening three and a half home underdog. Toe to leather in Ford Field is 1 PM.

Can the Lions make it three in a row? Could this team be on a roll or just a bagel? The Detroit Lions cut the cake with their third win of the season.

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