Something happened to me recently, and I need to get it off my chest.

It was a truly terrifying experience that could have been easily prevented if this person had taken even one moment to pay attention to what they were doing.

This is my open letter to a driver that apparently doesn't understand what a one-way street is.

Lansing Drivers

I was making my way east on Saginaw, just west of 127 where it's a one-way street, when all of a sudden, someone turned the wrong way onto Saginaw and started driving straight towards me, head-on.

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I understand that Lansing has a decent amount of one-way streets and that the whole junction of Grand River and Saginaw at the 127 interchange is an absolute nightmare when it comes to accidents and it can be a little confusing. But for Pete's sake...there are SOOOOO many signs that say "one-way" and DO NOT ENTER. Not to mention the fact that this driver had four lanes of cars driving straight towards them all honking up a storm.

attachment-Wrong way 3
attachment-Wrong way 2
attachment-Wrong way 1

From these pictures alone, I spy two "DO NOT ENTER" signs, two "WRONG WAY" signs, and a sign with an arrow that has a "do not" symbol over it. Jeeze Louise, how could you miss that?

All in all, I guess I just want this person to pay more attention. And all drivers, for that matter. This is not the first time that I've witnessed someone driving the wrong way down Saginaw or Grand River when it's one-way, and I'm sure it won't be the last. In fact, it's because of these instances that I still look both ways if I'm ever crossing a one-way street.

So, at the end of my rant, I'm just hoping that drivers pay a bit more attention in this area, and when driving in general.

Thank you for your time, rant over.

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