Do you ever just drive through East Lansing and have a hard time recognizing it? So much has changed!

Could You Recognize East Lansing Nowadays?

When was the last time you've been to East Lansing? Last week or last month? Maybe it's been a year or two. Maybe even longer, like a few years to a decade. No matter how much time has passed, if you've been away from East Lansing for a while, you may not even recognize it now.

The downtown stretch of Grand River Avenue between Harrison and Bogue Street has seen so much change that it looks and feels like a different city. Old businesses have closed down, new businesses have opened up, and that's just the start of it.

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Take a Walk With Us Through Yesteryear

We wanted to see exactly how much East Lansing has changed, not just over the last year or two, but over the last 14 years. Thanks to modern technology and Google Streetview, we were able to put together a gallery of pictures so that you can take a walk down memory lane with us. It's wild to see just how much has changed about East Lansing over the years.

Google Maps Images That Show Just How Much East Lansing, Michigan Has Changed

From businesses closing and opening to old buildings coming down and new ones going up, there is so much that has changed about downtown East Lansing. Could you recognize it from these pictures? Join us for a walk down memory lane as we take a look at East Lansing, then and now.

Gallery Credit: Kristen Matthews

Wasn't that crazy? In some pictures, East Lansing is almost unrecognizable, particularly in the ones that show how much bigger a lot of the buildings are now. Not to mention some of the businesses that have completely disappeared over the years; did you spot that old Blockbuster Video Rental? And that's only the last 14 years! Just think about how different it looked before that.

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Want even more nostalgia? See some photos of what Lansing used to look like back in the day compared to now.

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