Part of the lure of sports in America is the traditions that are attached to it.  For example, the Kentucky Derby is always on the first Saturday in May. The first weekend in April means that it's time for the Final Four. The very next week is golf's Masters tournament.  Father's Day weekend is when the U.S. Open golf championship is. And the Super Bowl every February is an unofficial national holiday.

But that got me thinking about great sports traditions in the state of Michigan. And I came up with ten that I think apply to us in the Mitten State. I'm listing these not in terms of importance, but chronologically throughout the year.

Michigan's Greatest Sports Traditions

Part of the allure of sports is the sense of tradition, and these Michigan traditions are something that fans look forward to every year.

Do you disagree with any of my picks?  Did we forget anything?  Let us know!!  We want to hear your favorite Michigan sports traditions.

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