When I was in my teens I had different ballplayers that I followed intently. When I was younger I followed Bill Freehan, Dick Allen, Dick Butkus, Bobby Orr, and many more.

As I got older I really followed other players that I really emulated. Like, George Brett, Reggie Jackson, Rod Carew, “Pistol” Pete Maravich, Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, and many other ballplayers. It’s kind of weird as you get older you follow different athletes.

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I remember as a freshman at CMU we watched Reggie Jackson “Mr. October” hit three homers of three different pitchers in the 1977 World Series.

I remember George Brett charging the umpire after his home run was not allowed because of pine tar up the barrel of his bat. “Pistol” Pete Maravich was the original “Magic” Man.

If you’re in my age category and I’m 61 I have a lot of favorites. These guys are just a few of my favorites. Who were your favorites growing up? There are so many to choose from too.

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