If you're any kind of a sports fan, you have definitely heard of the name Dennis Rodman. Dennis Rodman has been in the public eye since the Detroit Pistons drafted him in 1986 in round two out of Southeastern Oklahoma State. Rodman was a diamond in the rough.

Dennis Keith Rodman would become one of the fiercest defenders and rebounders the NBA had ever seen. He earned NBA All-Defensive First Team honors seven times and NBA Defensive Player of the year twice. All of these honors and two NBA Championships with the Pistons or “Bad Boys” and three NBA Championships with Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. There is no doubt Dennis Rodman was greatness on the NBA hardwood. This guy was of alien status with his intense athletic ability.

And then there's Rodman’s personal life. After the Piston’s traded him to the San Antonio Spurs, that’s when it all started to percolate. He got into a relationship with Madonna, and she sparked the metamorphosis in Dennis Rodman. He really started to change. With his hair, clothes, piercings, tattoos, attitude and most of all wild night life partying.

Then it really changed for Rodman when he was traded the Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen’s Chicago Bulls with Phil Jackson as their head coach. He married actress Carmen Electra for a short time. Rodman also authored an autobiography titled, "Bad As I Wanna Be" and promoted it live in New York dressed in a wedding dress.

Dennis Rodman ended his hoop career in 2006 and befriended North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un in 2013. Rodman might be misunderstood because he seems like great cat but just wants to have fun.

Dennis Keith Rodman, an intense guy from Dallas, Texas, now lives in South Florida. A man who took it to the limit on the hoop court with five rings and a place in the Hall of Fame. What’s next on the horizon for Dennis Rodman? Time will only tell. But you've gotta love the “Worm” aka Dennis Rodman!

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