Former Piston Andre Drummond is now a Los Angeles Laker. Drummond was a malcontent with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and that surely didn’t work out.

Andre Drummond was drafted by the Pistons and had a pretty decent career there when he showed up. A lot of Piston fans would agree, though, that Drummond didn’t give 150% every game. Now, he would disagree with me, but that’s a fact.

So the Pistons had enough of his act and they dealt him to Cleveland. It was an awful situation and he helped get former Michigan head coach John Belien to quit being their head coach.

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These past few months, the Cavaliers sat him down so he wouldn’t get hurt. They had no takers for a trade because his contract was so large. He became a free agent and was signed by the Lakers and Jed’s a millionaire. What that means is he became a total free agent and signed a contract with the Lakers over the weekend.

When Drummond wants to give it his all, he can be one of the best in the NBA. So when LeBron and Anthony Davis come off the disabled list, they will have a new teammate. Isn’t life grand to be a millionaire athlete? It doesn’t seem real, but it is. Andre Drummond played his cards right and is now a Laker.

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