I’m sixty years old and remember some of the old days of great Detroit sports teams, players and head coaches. I was lucky enough to attend the last game of the 1984 World Series win. The Detroit Tigers crushed the San Diego Padres. I attended many games in which the Bad Boys ran rough shod over the NBA including Michael Jordan. The Red Wings won four Stanley Cups. The Lions always just smelled. We have been exposed to a lot of great sports in Motown.

Now, however, all these teams—the Tigers, Lions, Red Wings and Pistons—are in a holding pattern and just aren’t very good. The pandemic actually helped the Red Wings, Pistons and Tigers. The Lions could have a full season and did have a solid draft after last week. But, if they don’t reach the playoffs, their head coach and GM should be gone.

I got to thinking about some of the greatest names in Detroit sports, and I've decided to make a list for you. The list will go from back in the sixties until now. Hopefully as you read through the list, you'll have a chance to reminisce.

Here we go: McClain, Kaline, Northrup, Horton, Freehan, Lolich, Fidrych, Morris, Gibby, Trammell, Whitaker, Parrish, Lemon, Sparky, Verlander, Scherzer, Leyland, Miggy, Cecil, Prince, Kell and Harwell. In hockey with the wings we have Bowman, Yzerman, Probert, McCarty, Lidstrom, Ozzie, Shanny, Chelli, Hasek, Hull, Holland and Gordie. With the Pistons we've got Bing, Lanier, Daly, Zeke, worm, Dantley, Tripuka, Microwave, Joe D., Laimbeer, Mahorn, Grant, Mr. Big Shot, Sheed, Tayshaun and Larry B. In football with the Lions there's Schmidt, Karras, Layne, Lucci, Barney, Sanders, Landry, Farr and Walker.

These are all fan favorites from over the years. I’m sure I missed someone’s favorite, so let us know by going on the app and sending us a message, voice recording, or video. Hope you enjoy seeing some of these great names in Detroit sports history.

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