Last night in Los Angeles the Lakers were eliminated from the NBA Playoffs. They were crushed 113-100 by the Phoenix Suns. Devin Booker had 47 points for the Suns. The Lakers are the defending NBA Champs, but that was during the paused Pandemic season.

Now, they have had a lot of injuries, but they're finished. The Lakers have had a lot of controversies since LeBron has joined them. LeBron is still one of the greatest players in the world. But, is he at the level of Michael Jordan, “Magic” or even Kobe? That’s up for a debate that I don’t even care about.

James shot right out of high school into the pros from Akron, Ohio. He has had two stints with the Cleveland Cavaliers where he won an NBA Crown. But he had a stop in Miami too. He also won an NBA Crown there. He has won an NBA Championship in three different cities. Now, don’t get me wrong, the cat is amazing and he has never gotent into any trouble. He’s a good father and husband, but his act is getting old.

This is what I mean. LeBron is one of the greatest NBA players ever, but his act that he is never above reproach is getting old. Is he a political advocate like Colin Kaepernick or an NBA player? The rules should apply to all the NBA players the same. I don’t think he believes that. He has popped off enough, and it’s getting old. I really can’t understand why players who get superstar status turn into a fountain of misinformation.

Look, LeBron is one the best, but he isn't Michael Jordan and never will have his status. Plus, he is not the original “King.” Elvis is!  Now that the Lakers are out of the playoff, LeBron is officially on vacation.

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