It wasn't a slam dunk on the court, but a slam dunk with Detroit voters instead.

The Detroit Pistons made sure that people who were waiting in line for hours at the polls yesterday were fed and happy by delivering food to 10 different polling locations.

Food trucks pulled up and served free fare including everything from gyros and fries to chili and espresso. They showed up to Greater Grace Temple, North Rosedale Park Community Center, Chrylser School, NW Activity Center, and Diann Banks-Willamson Education Center throughout election day.

For some voters, it might've been the only meal they had all day long - the Detroit Free Press talked to 63-year-old Sandra Jones, who has been casting her vote at the same polling location on the city's east side for decades, said that this was the first time she'd ever seen free food at the polls.

"I don't have a dime. I'm broke and I'm hungry."

The Pistons also hosted an early-voting event on October 24th at the Henry Ford Detroit Pistons Performance Center. It was a family-friendly event that included cider, donuts, entertainment, autograph signings and free pumpkins.

It's so great to see professional athletes and sports teams helping out their surrounding communities, especially when it comes to voting. They provided meals to people who may not have eaten otherwise today, and a sense of belonging to Detroit residents.

Nice work, Pistons. And great job to everybody who got out and voted, whether you did it yesterday or earlier!

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