Now entering the Distillery game in Kalamazoo, Michigan... at 6'9", from Virginia Union, FOUR-TIME Defensive Player of the Year, and NBA Hall of Famer... B-B-B-B-B-B-BEN WALLACE!!!!!

You might recognize that face around town soon, as the Detroit Pistons legend is now part owner of Green Door Distilling Co.

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In a news release  earlier this week, co-owner Steve Jbara:

I'm so thrilled to be working with Ben on this project. His competitive history and hard work ethic will no doubt help us grow Green Door into a Michigan craft leader.

They did announce he'll be releasing his own branded spirit this summer, and I can already see it... the "Wallace B-B-B-B-B-Bourbon."

Jbara also is co-owner of the Grand Rapids Gold, who are now the G-League affiliate of the Denver Nuggets. Previously, that organization was the Grand Rapids Drive, who were affiliated with the Pistons. Wallace was also a part owner of that organization from 2018-21.

Wallace was a FORCE in the NBA, especially during his time with the Pistons. He's one of the highest rated players to go undrafted - he entered in 1996 - but didn't hit peak Defensive Freak until his stint with the Pistons from 2000-2006.

He landed four Defensive Player of the Year awards in 5 years, and brought Detroit a championship in 2004. He's also the first (and only) undrafted player to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Speaking on his new ownership in Kalamzoo, Wallace was quoted:

I am... looking forward to being involved in the ongoing revitalization of Kalamzoo and bringing some attention tot he work people are doing.

This is an awesome move, and pretty cool of Ben to get in on this game. I know he's got a long history with Jbara, and Scott Benton. NOW, they're bringing him to Kalamzoo. And I'll be honest, I've never actually met an NBA star... any of them. So if you see me stalking around Green Door, mind ya business... I'm trying to get a hall of famer's autograph.

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