In sports, there always has to be a villain. I know that you all are going to enjoy this post, because I'm about to go through a laundry list of people in sports that are disliked by many, and I know you're going to agree with most of the people I have on my list.

There always has to be an individual who rocks the boat. Like in professional wrestling, there is always a heel. In reality, there are athletes, players, coaches, owners, fans and referees you just can’t stand.

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Let’s start this list right now. When you read this, you can add to it by letting me know in the comments or through a message on our app. I’m begging you to. Here we go.

Sports Figures That People Love to Hate

Sports would be boring if you loved everyone. There always has to be a villain, and we've put together a list of prominent sports figures that a lot of people can't stand.

All of these people are part of the equation that makes sports so much fun to watch. They are people in sports you love to hate. Remember, I want you to add to this list. Enjoy.

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