Lately, my wife and I have been watching the old show All in the Family. This show will  go  down as one of the most polarizing sitcoms in television history.

At the time, it was regarded as one of the top sitcoms. Everyone watched it. The main character was Archie Bunker, played by the late great actor Carroll O’Connor. His character was a very intense bigot that was just unbelievable. His wife, played by the late great Jean Stapleton, was Edith. A very lovable lady who was also just unbelievable and a sweetheart.

This cast was a very tight and wonderful cast. There was Rob Reiner “Meathead” and his wife Sally Struthers who was the daughter Gloria. The final episode was in 1979. There were five other sitcom spinoffs too.

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There were so many different shows growing up that just could not be on television today. It is amazing how life, views and people change over the years. These shows like All in the Family, Sanford and Son, The Jefferson’s, Chico and the Man and many others would be outcast today. But, I will say this, these actors like Carroll O’Connor and the rest are all great actors.

People need to see these shows in 2022 and draw their own conclusions. People have to understand also what the times were like then.

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