The snow is gone, the birds are chirping, the cool yet refreshing spring air is finally here, and the trash is showing.

That's right, I said the trash is showing.

This topic was first brought up on the air on one of our radio shows here in Lansing and has been something that I've noticed even more of now.

This is a conversation that needs to be had, even if we love the Mid-Michigan area we live in. The past few days were the first few nice days we've had in a while, truly welcoming in the Spring season. In turn, that allowed me to get out and finally take a stroll around the neighborhood.

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It wasn't long until I found trash littering the area around the radio stations here in Lansing & East Lansing on this walk. Face masks, candy wrappers, McDonald's cups, and even empty bottles of liquor. It's truly a horror show to look at. Especially when we are welcoming in people who are just passing by to their next destination.

I won't say bad about all of Mid-Michigan though, as East Lansing is defiantly a beauty to behold, yet there is still trash that can be found on the side of the road even in EL.

So, what do we do now?

Well, while we can't make sure that everybody makes sure their trash ends up in a wastebasket, we can do our best to try, right?

On your next walk down your street, around the block, grab some gloves and a trash bag. Clean OUR community up a little bit. A little community service can go a long way to make our great community look even better.

And as tempting as it may be for you to throw that piece of garbage out the window...and that face can wait, there is going to be a gas station or restaurant in another mile or so you can pitch it in.

You can see some of the trash I saw on my thirty-minute walk, just around the area of the radio stations below. This wasn't even out of a mile radius of the stations mind you. It's time to wake up Lansing and smell the flowers, which may also be covered in trash.

Lansing Trash

A stroll around the neighborhood shows what is really littered all around the area.

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