Lansing hasn't seen a lot of snow so far this winter. However, that may soon change.

According to the Lansing State Journal, Lansing may need to be prepared for some heavy snow fall this January and February. The reasoning behind that? The La Nina and El Nino weather phenomenons. William Marino, from the National Weather Service's Grand Rapids office, says that when we transition between the two weather patterns, areas like Mid-Michigan tend to get hit with a lot of snow.

A look at the 10-day extended forecast on the Weather Channel's website doesn't show that we should expect much of any snow accumulation in the near future. But as we all know, this is Michigan after all -- a state that in any 24-hour period can produce all four seasons -- so we shouldn't be too surprised if we see the heavier snow come sooner rather than later. Read more about the weather patterns that could cause this heavy snow, here.

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