In 1921, Michigan was a happening place, especially in Detroit, where most of this footage was taken.

This ancient film was recently digitized and colorized, giving us a pretty good look at life one hundred years ago in the Motor City.

I loved the opening footage of the boat and ship traffic along the Detroit waterfront (Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River). Oddly, Great Lakes freighters haven't changed that much over the years, but man did they generate some thick smoke!

You can also see the just blossoming Detroit skyline, with manufacturing plants and ferry boats leaving for Bob-Lo island, which was a summer getaway back then.

People in general seemed to dress better in public than we do today, and hats were a big thing for men. The city also seemed to be in a thick, smoggy haze most of the time.

Other highlights include a good look at heavy city traffic with  police officers directing traffic from platforms instead of traffic lights, and, at 3:31, a baseball game being played.

There's also a shot of kids playing at a park at 6:25 which includes one ride where kids would hold on to a rope and apparently spin around a pole. And a massive amount of pigeons hanging out in a park at 6:32.

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