There has been at least a couple times I remember, where I hit a pothole while driving and not only did it scare the S*%$ out of me, but it damaged my car and ruined my plans.  Once was here in Michigan, and the other was when I lived in Las Vegas, I was driving up a mountain to a resort for a little R & R. I hit a huge pothole which pulled me over a big rock, which ripped a hole in my oil pan.  My car was not drive able, and I had no cell service in that area.  Let's just say that was not a good day.

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Michigan is full of potholes, and it can be frustrating for many folks. According to there is a thing called “a cold patch” which is a short term fix. It also seems better than what some Lansing workers did with a pothole in Lansing's Maple Hill neighborhood.

There is a resident living there, and every week since February, she has called the City of Lansing venting on a problem on her street.  When she turns left out of her driveway, she has too get out of her car, move the barrel to get out, and then put the barrel back. I have to say that would be irritating to me as well.

She says the city has come to check it out three times, and during one of those visits, workers filled the hole with rocks and placed an orange barrel on it. It’s just to the left of her driveway, and now she’s had to maneuver her way around the barrel for three months.

I guess fixing these type of problems on our streets is not easy, or cheap. Cities say they would need about $15 million per year for the next 10 years to fix problems like these on Lansing roads. Right now the city of Lansing spends between $4 million and $8 million a year. So let's be careful, and watchful while driving, it's all we can do at this point.

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