There's a whole new world that we hardly ever see, and it's right at our fingertips...or tiptoes.

Here is a compilation of three years' worth of footage that captures some of the drama, fight for survival, territoriality, and every day life of some of Michigan's fresh water creatures.

In the photos and video below you'll see bass, crawdad, dogfish, gar, lamprey, northern pike, salmon, snapping turtle, suckers, sunfish, trout, walleye, and more.

You'll see sunfish attacking a camera, a gar eating another fish, a snapper gulping down a frog, the same snapper sniffing out the camera, a king salmon taking a breather after almost getting snagged, a lamprey leeching off a sunfish, and more cool underwater stuff.

Proving once again that is is so much more to Michigan that meets the above-water eye! See for yourself!



Devil's Kitchen

Lover's Leap, Mackinac Island

Delirium Wilderness


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