On the shore of Lake Huron in Michigan’s Thumb is Turnip Rock, a hunk of rocky land separated from the mainland that has been called both a rock and island.

It is so named because of its turnip-like shape. Thanks to thousands of years of erosion, the land mass resembles a turnip body while the trees look like the “greens”.

Because the mainland is all private property, many people visit Turnip Rock by canoe and kayak. Not only do they enjoy the rock itself, but there are a few caves that are fun to kayak under and through.

Turnip Rock is at the tip of the “thumbnail”, bordering Alaska Bay, north of Pointe Aux Barques. Even though a concrete collar has been built around the base, the rock could collapse, although not for possibly hundreds of years.

Locals made an attempt to make Turnip Rock one of the 2013 "Seven Wonders of Michigan" but was not selected. Too bad – Michigan has much more than seven wonders…and Turnip Rock is definitely one. Pay a visit this summer!

Now take a look at a few "then-and-now" photos...


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