Great Lakes, We've Got Em'

There's something about those Great Lakes my friends. There's so much to see and do in Michigan and a lot of it is on the water.

If you really want to get away this spring and summer, I've got just the spot for you. It involves some water, then an island, then some water on that island, and an island in the middle of that water.


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You won't be once you set foot on Isle Royale National Park on Lake Superior.

There Was Going To Be A Big Party Last Year

There was going to be a year long 80th birthday party but then this whole Covid-19 Pandemic thingy happened and you know how that went.

So this year you can help them celebrate number 81 and visit Isle Royale National Park this summer. Hiking, camping, and the moose can't wait to see you. It's been a while. They're lonely. And have been waiting on this party for the better part of a year.

The Cool Thing About Isle Royale That's Like Turducken

You are familiar with turducken yes? Chicken inside a duck inside a turkey. Yeah, it's kid of like that.

As we mentioned, Isle Royale is on Lake Superior.

And this is where we begin our island on an island on pond a with a rock that's an island...thingy. We're just going to go ahead and commit to using that word a lot here.

You really can't make this stuff up. Just ask the folks at Isle Royale. If you want to visit and find out for yourself, you need to head to Ryan Island.

So if you're down for a road trip, then a boat trip, then a hike to an island in a pond on an island...we've got your spot.

Another Great Lake adventure awaits on Isle Royale.

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