There will be no huge public fireworks display to ring in the New Year tonight, so instead I offer you this video, giving us the fireworks that sum up the year appropriately. 

This is the year we limped through, some of us suffering more than others, and most of us having to make due with less, and simplifying our lives.

There's nothing wrong with that. So here's hoping in 2020 you learned a little something about yourself. You reached inside and found out you were more resilient than you thought and found pleasure in the simple things.

To ring out 2020, I found this fireworks video, in which the big blasts are little pieces of candy and coins, rather than audacious displays of gun powder and explosives.

It's small and quiet.

Let's raise a glass to 2021, it may not necessarily be better, but at least we're battle tested and are prepared for anything.

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