It was a scary accident all the way around. A vehicle hit one of the charming horse drawn carriages seen throughout the town of Frankenmuth. Not only did the driver hit the carriage, but they then sped away from the scene without stopping.

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The incident, that occurred on Sunday, December 27th around 12.45PM, could have been much worse. Thankfully there were no passengers in the carriage at the time of the accident. The driver of the carriage, who was thrown off when the carriage was struck, was transported to a local hospital and is being treated for their injuries. ( there are no reports of the injuries being serious or life-threatening)
All of this is good news to be sure, but many have been wondering and pondering just one big question...what about the horse?
I’m definitely not downplaying the seriousness of the injuries of the driver or for the accident itself, but being a total animal lover I myself couldn’t help but wonder the same thing...what happened to the horse?
 Well here's the update. It turns out the horse is "A-ok". Seems when the accident occurred the horse broke free and was able to run off. According to Mid- Michigan Now, the horse was checked over by a veterinarian and seems to be doing just fine after the ordeal. He, or she, escaped without injury.
As for the driver of the vehicle who fled the scene, they were apprehended in Genesee County and were set to be arraigned this week.
We wish the driver of the carriage a speedy recovery.

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