After playing hide and seek from measurable snow for most of the winter season so far, Mother Nature finally caught up to us. Now get rid of it using the snow plow app.

For an innately lazy person like myself, you may be surprised that I don't mind shoveling snow too much. Key words: too much.

So I imagine that by the end of the winter, say around late February, or early March, I could see myself using an app to get rid of the snow from my driveway.

The QuikPlow app, available now, is a service that will hook you up with a plow or shovel to remove snow fairly quickly, but keep in mind one thing: when it snows, the demand may exceed the number of plows, leading to some lag time.

On a snowy weekend, the app has been known to crash.

"We've got people sending messages saying 'Hey, when are we going to be available.' It's like 'Well tell a buddy who's got a plow.' One provider in the area will enable people to start seeing requests," Co-founder Ryan Crowly told WZZM News last January. 

"It will certainly overwhelm one driver if he starts getting 50 requests. But over in Grand Rapids we had a guy over two days complete 12 jobs for over $500 take home."

The app allows you to choose between plows, snow blowers and good, old fashioned shovelers.

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