Now that everyone is into Super Bowl mode, betting will become a part of some people's lives. It has been almost a year since sports betting became legal in Michigan, but still as we speak some casinos have not adopted sports betting yet. I can’t understand it, but they haven’t. The Pandemic is the main reason.

Here's an example of a casino in the state that is embracing sports betting, though. Fire Keepers in Battle Creek, Michigan has a sports book where you can place sports bets on almost everything.

I am so used to sports books from all of my trips to Las Vegas. Sports books are where men and women talk, drink and place bets. I finally had gone to Fire Keepers just recently. It’s a great place. Very friendly people and a very easy to place bets at a betting window, and they have sports betting kiosks too.

Now almost a week into it, Michigan finally brought in sports betting online with online sports betting companies. There are many to choose from. Like, Fan Duel, Draft Kings, Bet MGM and a slew of many more. It’s easy go to your app search on your phone and download the specific company. Then you use a credit card which will have to be verified and you’re ready to place sports bets. When you win, they can send your winnings to your bank or checking account and just use a routing number. It’s flawless.

With the big game next week, start picking your winner. Sports books are just a wonderful place to hang. It will change our economy for the better in Michigan. Also, be responsible when you bet!

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