Well, most if not all the Casinos in our great state of Michigan will open up on June 1st. This means a lot to our state. People can now go and hang out and have fun at the multiple casinos in the state. This also means when sports start up, people can place bets on sporting events.

It took a lot of hard work from State Senators Curtis Hertal Jr. and Brandt Idens to get the sports betting bill passed. They had everything in place for the last governor, but he shot it down. Then, with the current governor she finally caved and passed it. Sports betting in our state will help fund schools, roads, hospitals and many other needed areas of funding.

For instance, with the pandemic, sports were shut down and so were casinos. Look at this factoid: $936.4 million was total money won by Nevada casinos in April of 2019, and $3.6 million was the total won by Nevada casinos in April 2020. That’s what an impact this pandemic has had.

This is how impactful sports betting can be to really help benefit a state’s needs. I have been going to casinos in Nevada for many years. They are really a lot of fun, but you do need to be very smart and disciplined when betting. Our casinos are all regulated differently. Meaning some are tribal and some are not.

Why our last governor shot this down is beyond comprehension. For many years you could only place sports bets in the state of Nevada. But then finally it became available in other states. New York and New Jersey started and other states followed suit. Michigan finally adopted this and finally we can go to Mt. Pleasant, Battle Creek and all the other casinos around the state. So now all we need is MLB, NBA, and the NHL to start playing again so we can do some sports betting.

Also, don’t forget by Christmas we should be able to bet sports games online with an app on your phone. Finally casinos will open and people can go and have fun again. This will be unbelievable; I just cannot wait!

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