Michigan plays Ohio State this Saturday at noon. In Ann Arbor. Ohio State has already wrapped up the Big Ten East Title. In the Big Ten Championship Game on December 7th, Ohio State will play the winner of this Saturday's Wisconsin - Minnesota game.

So, there's no chance of Michigan playing for the national championship, right?


A bazillion Michigan fans are hoping for a string of miracles that would make that possible. But, it all starts with Michigan beating Ohio State this Saturday. So, according to ClickOnDetroit, for Michigan to be in the playoffs, this Saturday:

Michigan must beat Ohio State. (The universe is ready for this to happen. This may have been foretold by Coach Harbaugh's team of tarot card readers and psychics that live in a cave system under the Big House. I know a guy who knows a guy whose cousin once delivered a pizza to them)

Auburn must beat Alabama (possible, more so now that they've lost their star QB, Tua Tagovailoa)

Wisconsin must beat Minnesota. (this might be the best game this week)

Oklahoma State must beat Oklahoma (could happen)

Then - next week: Oregon has to beat Utah, Oklahoma (stinging from its loss to OSU) has to beat Baylor, LSU has to beat Georgia AND Michigan fans then need to root for Ohio State to beat Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship.

All this would then potentially put Michigan in the playoffs. (unleashing Coach Harbaugh to provide more wacky press conference quotes)

I have a lot of Spartan friends who never want to see Michigan win, but - in this scenario - this year? I'm all for it. Here's the story.

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