It's not often we talk positively on Ohio... ESPECIALLY that "Nutty" university in Columbus.

HOWEVER, respect where it's due, the Buckeye's quarterback recognizes he wouldn't be where he is without his teammates, and showed them some respect that could help them grow their careers, too.

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CJ Stroud spent his Labor Day Weekend handing the Notre Dame Fighting Irish their first loss of the season, 21-10. It was the only matchup of the weekend with two top-5 teams playing each other, so they were in for a fight.

Stroud knew this, and the week leading into this game, he did something for his entire team - getting them each $500 gift cards to buy a suit, and look good going into the regular season. I don't think all the clothes in my closet at home cost $500!


For reference, $500 for EVERY SINGLE PLAYER on the team, which has 120 players. He dropped $60,000 on his team... as a college sophomore! A few years ago, this might have been a red flag, but thanks to the new NIL rules, Stroud can use his Name, Image, and Likeness to make bank, and he has certainly done that.

He is ON3NIL's Top NIL valued player, already worth a reported $2.5 million!

"He had a successful offseason, signing deals with Designer Shoe Warehouse and Value City Furniture. He's driving around a G-Wagon. And earlier this week, thanks to the funds he's raised through NIL, he announced he's giving $500 Express gift cards to his teammates to dress right on gameday."

So yeah... $60,000 is just a drop in the hat for Stroud.

It does hurt a little to speak so positively about a player from the "Florida" of the Big 10 States... but it is worth noting, he's not a native "Ohioan." Stroud is from California.

Because of that... we'll let this one slide. Good on him. This is incredible!

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