College Football

Harbaugh Proposes Changes to College System
Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh penned an open letter full of proposals that would change the landscape of college football. Harbaugh wants to overhaul the college eligibility system and model it more similarly to college baseball. The Michigan coach reflected on his own career as a a college athle…
What If Michigan Doesn't Play Football, And Ohio State Does?
A fascinating discussion this morning on ESPN’s Get Up morning show about if and how a college football season might happen this fall. With so many college football fans locally, this is particularly of interest. And with so many variables, for example, individual states having different rul…
NCAA Approved Rule Changes
According to Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic, the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved several rule changes for college football. All the rules that were passed today were procedural with the intent of creating a faster and smoother game.

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