One day after the Blackhawks beat the Red Wings 5-4 in overtime to start both team's preseason slate, a new wrinkle has been added to the Patrick Kane case, one that involves evidence tampering.

As a reminder, Patrick Kane is charged in a sexual assault case stemming from the Buffalo area (Kane's hometown) this offseason.

The Chicago Tribune, and many other media outlets, are reporting of an incident involving Patrick Kane's accuser's rape kit being tampered with. According to the report the accuser's mother found a bag that had previously contained the rape kit from the case, torn apart on her front doorstep. The shreds had the initials of the nurse who performed the kit on it, leading many to believe it is authentic.

A few hours later however, Erie County police released this statement:

This creates an odd situation for all involved. I'm no legal expert but a few different scenarios could be drawn up based on this conflicting information.

Situation one: Somebody ascertained a fake or different rape kit and fabricated the bag and nurse's initials and tore it up to leave on the doorstep in an act of potential intimidation.

Situation two: The actual rape kit was somehow stolen and then torn up and Erie County police are potentially covering up for a breach of their security (while unlikely, still plausible).

Situation three: The rape kit torn up is legitimate but is involved in a different case, but also performed by the same nurse and the kit involved in the Kane case is still intact in police custody.

There are a few other theories that can be conspired through just this information, but I won't bore you with them. However, now there is a seed of tampering doubt that will be a part of both the investigation and trial proceedings should the case ever get to court.

Patrick Kane is still in Blackhawks camp as of now.