Chris Clark, a four star tight end recruit out of Avon, Connecticut played just one game with the school he chose seven months ago. Clark, originally a Hoke commit to Michigan was lost to UCLA despite the hiring and "hard recruiting" of Jim Harbaugh on signing day earlier this year.

Now Clark, who was granted release from the team earlier this month is looking for a transfer however, as multiple outlets are reporting, Michigan will not be one of the schools he's allowed to look at.

UCLA has blocked Clark from potentially transferring to Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State, UCLA has none of these schools scheduled until 2022, when the Wolverines and Bruins have a series planned.

On top of those three Big Ten schools it is believed that UCLA, has restricted Clark from moving to any other Pac-12 school, as well as any school on the 2016-19 non-conference schedule. No Big Ten teams, even the three previously mentioned, reside in that window.

From Nick Baumgardner's mLive report: "It's kind of ridiculous, to be honest, they have no right to block Michigan or Michigan State or Ohio State because they don't play each other," "It's something I'm looking into with my family... There's a chance I could appeal it ... just because that's not really fair." is reporting that Clark is scheduled to take visits to North Carolina State, Pittsburgh and Virginia in the upcoming weeks.