In all honesty, watching Sunday's season opener there were glimpses of greatness. Moments of happiness. Adrian Peterson. A flurry of offensive plays that put us up headed into the 4th quarter.

Hello reality.

We were up 23 to freakin' 6. We let the Bears come back and score 21 unanswered points in the 4th.

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And truly lost it on a last ditch 4th quarter play in the end zone when Swift couldn't catch a ball. Also...

Detroit Lions Memes via Facebook
Detroit Lions Memes via Facebook

Also, a good clue as to how "Same Ole Lions" we were? You know how we find ways to lose games or amass penalties that heretofore were never seen before until...well us?


This right here sums that one up pretty nicely.


So we figured we'd laugh at our pain and get things underway the right way. Here's some of the best of the worst Detroit Lions Memes we could find. Enjoy and laugh. Cause seriously that's all we've got.

And just a couple of takeaways.

  • We're not giving up.
  • This is our year.
  • Win or lose, we bleed Silver & Honolulu Blue
  • This is indeed Matt Patricia's last ride.
  • This was just game one. We have plenty of time to right the ship or watch it sink in spectacular fashion.
  • If it provides any comfort at all, Tom Brady and Gronk fell on their collective @$$ yesterday.
  • Minnesota lost. To Green Bay but hey...I can't stand Minnesota.
  • And Adrian Peterson looked good. We can only go up from here. Right? Please don't get injured.

Detroit Lions Memes

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