I don't know about you, but a big question for me is if the Lions still smell. Just because they beat a marginal Jacksonville team doesn’t mean squat. I really believe the Lions are better than their record shows. But what about the head coach Matt Patricia?

Can he lead this team to a postseason bid? If he doesn’t, the Ford family was adamant: no playoffs, no job. But Patricia will still have two years left on his contract.

Bob Quinn who is the Lions president would probably be gone too. This Sunday the Detroit Lions will travel to Atlanta to take on the Falcons. The Falcons started out 0-5 and fired their head coach and G.M. two weeks ago. The Falcons have some electric players with the likes of Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley and Todd Gurley. They just beat the Vikings last weekend.

The Detroit Lions are a franchise stuck in neutral and spinning on a hamster wheel. Like I said, they have some solid players, just not enough of them yet! We will find out this weekend if the Lions can get a big road win. As we speak the Detroit Lions are a slight road underdog. So, the million dollar question is do the Lions still smell? Matt Patricia is on the proverbial hot seat.

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