The player formerly known as Swaggy P AKA Swaggy Prophet, Nick Young now has a new inspiration for his improved defense.

The Golden State Warrior shooting guard, went plus-nine while coming off the bench in Game 6 of the NBA Conference Finals against the Houston Rockets.

His effort was vast, noting his knack for lackluster defensive effort.

The reason for his change?

In case you're wondering which version of Rodman came into Young's dream, Young describes him as having purple hair so you can do with that clue as you will.

"He told me, You know, tomorrow you're going to play a little defense," Young said of his Rodman dream.

"But it just so happened I played a little defense," Young added.

If it sounds like Rodman Jedi mind-tricked Young to you, you're not alone.

Whatever happened, the Warriors forced a Game 7 by beating Houston, 115-86 so it must have worked.

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