They will be officially know from now on as the "MSU Spartans presented by [NAME REDACTED] Mortgage."

What? You think I'm giving them a free plug? No way. They can pay me.

In what undoubtedly has become a sign of the times, Michigan State University sold the presenting rights to its men's basketball team. Right after they were eliminated from the Big Ten tournament. (Nice timing, fellas!)

I'm not sure every sports writer and announcer is going to be on board with calling them their official name frm this point forward, which is "The MSU Spartans presented by [NAME REDACTED] Mortgage," but that's what the team will be referred to in its Breslin Center home on campus.

Coach Tom Izzo commented:

[NAME REDACTED] Mortgage has been a valued partner for years with Michigan State and we are excited that they are continuing to support our program into the future. As presenting sponsor of our season, their presence will be an asset as we compete for championships.

Sure. Why not? More money for teams' whose players sometimes struggle to have enough money to phone home. It makes perfect sense to me.

While corporate sponsorships have been common at the NCAA level for some time now, selling off specific team naming rights or position naming rights is somewhat in its infancy.

FYI -- MSU is not the first state school to sell specific naming rights. Over at the University of Michigan, Jim Harbaugh is officially known as the '[NAME REDACTED] Family Head Football Coach'.

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