If Michigan State had gotten by Maryland today (Friday), they would have played UM one more time. That wasn't the case though as Maryland once again defeated the Spartans, winning 68-57 at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Michigan crushed MSU a week ago and MSU rebounded this past Sunday and beat UM in East Lansing. Michigan has only three losses and will be a one seed in the NCAA Tournament. They are a one seed in the Big Ten Tournament.

If MSU can stay focused and make shots, they can hang with anyone. It might have been a solid game three between the two teams from the great State of Michigan, but we'll never know now.

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There are some people that believe UM didn’t really give 100% during their second game against MSU because they had already won the Big Ten Crown. To those people I say that’s sour grapes and you’re a fool! No way coach Howard told his team just to lay down and coast in the second game in East Lansing.

MSU played a redemption game against Maryland today, and they weren't able to cut the cake.

MSU has had an intense season with COVID, sickness, intermittent practices, a three week layoff of no games, and an assistant coach's dad died from Coronavirus. No excuses, just reality!

We'll have to wait and see how they do in the tournament. All I can say is don’t bet against Tom Izzo. One game at a time.

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