On Monday, Governor Whitmer lifted stay at home order restrictions, allowing businesses and restaurants to reopen, among many other things including sports practices!

According to Lansing State Journal, the new order allows for "outdoor fitness classes, athletic practices, training sessions or games, provided that coaches, spectators and participants not from the same household maintain six feet of distance from one another at all times."

This means high school and college athletic teams can resume practices after weeks of at-home training for some. However, while many sports seasons have been called off, these practices would be for offseason training as schools hope to resume in the fall.

While not an athlete myself, being able to use training facilities, gyms and outdoor fitness classes is extremely appealing to me as at-home workouts don't really work well when you don't do them.

Being around like-minded individuals in a setting with more structure for fitness and practice is a recipe for success with workouts and sports.

As Lansing State Journal reported, athletes and coaches alike have been waiting for the "go-ahead" from league officials and the state government on when a return they were hoping and planning for could happen.

When the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) was making plans for after the date the order was supposed to be lifted (June 12th) they came up with a three-step plan and safety guidelines.

Now those plans, along with others from other athletic and educational institutions can be set in motion with the "green light" from the newest executive order.

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