Are you having a hard time keeping the kids busy now that the weather is colder? Why not get creative and create your kids something fun in the backyard? You know what they say, when life gives you snow, build a luge sledding track. Or something like that.

A father from Lake Orion, Russell Bressman, built his kids a luge track in their backyard to sled on. Originally, the track started off as safety banks to prevent the kids from crashing into things, but because they were picking up speed while sledding, he extended the track around the entire yard.

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“It was just a thrown-together project that I wanted to do for my kids so they could have fun without having to go out to a public venue. I use a hose from the house to mist the track on really cold evenings to build the ice back up to make it smooth so the sleds can pick up some speed.”

I remember when I was a kid, my brothers and I would try to build a hill in our backyard so we had something to sled down. I think we took more time climbing up the hill then we did getting down haha.

How about the dad in Livonia who built an entire hockey rink in their backyard? The arena has a scoreboard, flood lights, a locker room and more!

Have you built your kids anything fun this winter season? Send us a message on the app or on our Facebook page!

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