A dad in Jackson is continuing a tradition he started as a kid. Nearly 40 years ago, Mark Koss Sr. and his father started building ice castles in their yard and now he builds them with his kids.

They build the ice castles by using random objects they find around the house. This year they used a moving dolly, folding table, water jugs and an old metal antenna to build their ice sculptures. Mark's wife, Alicia Chenery says the castles build themselves overnight because that's when the temperature drops and the wind blows. In the morning they're these awesome masterpieces and that's something Mark wanted to share with his kids.

“In 1985, it was small, but something Mark always remembered and wanted to do with his own children one day. In 2018, he decided to try one of his own with our kids because it was such a great memory for him and he wanted to pass on that joy he always remembered.”

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I love seeing people's creativity, especially in the winter. I'm one of those people who avoids going outside or any responsibility because the air is too cold.

Last week we talked about this Dad in Lake Orion that built his kids a sledding track in their yard. Originally, the track started off as safety banks to prevent the kids from crashing into things and decided to extend the track around the entire yard.

Have you built anything fun this winter season? My mom reminded me that my brother built a snow bar 11 years ago. They worked on it for days and hollowed out beer shelves and attempted to make a luge for shots. Who needs a fridge when Mother Nature can be your fridge. It's truly amazing how far cameras have come in 11 years. Check out the picture!

Photo Cred Erica Gray
Photo Cred Erica Gray

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