The Detroit Lions picked up a much needed win over the Jaguars on Sunday, and Matt Stafford hit a career milestone in the process.

Stafford is again in the position where his personal play is not reflected in the Lions overall record. Stafford has played very well this season, but the Lions have only managed to get 2 wins. Stafford admitted that during the last three losses, he has been indecisive with the ball, and worked on it during the bye week.

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He definitely corrected the problem throwing for more than 200 yards and a touchdown. The touchdown against the Jaguars was a pretty big one in Stafford's career. Going into the game on Sunday, Stafford had thrown a touchdown against every other team in the NFL except for the Jags. That streak ended when this happened.

Stafford has now thrown a touchdown against every team in the NFL. In fact, the Jags are the only team in the league that Stafford doesn't have multiple TD passes against.

This is the part where Stafford haters try to bring him down by saying that he's never won a playoff game.

While that is true, I don't know how everyone still lays the blame at Stafford's feet when the team has been awful. The Lions just can't seem to get everything working at the same time. Last year they had no defensive rush, but good cornerbacks. They always have had great quarterbacks or receivers, but no running back.

Sunday against the Jags is the first time in a long time that the Lions looked like a complete team. Sunday was the first time since Barry Sanders that a Lions rookie running back rushed for more than 100 yards in a game. The defense looked better than they have all year, and Stafford was consistent as always.

I'm not going to say that this is the Lions year to win it all, but this game could be a big corner turned for the Lions. The majority of their schedule is against teams with losing records. The most encouraging thing is seeing the Lions run the ball effectively, and not just to keep Stafford from throwing 427 times a game.

I know I'm not going to change anyone's minds here, but let's at least keep the Stafford bashing quiet until next week.


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