I’m already sick and tired of people around the country ripping Rams quarterback Matt Stafford. This is shallow and just stupid.

Stafford was drafted number one in the first round by the stinking Detroit Lions. He was out of Georgia University and attended the same high school as former Hall of Fame quarterback Bobby Layne.

Layne was a great quarterback for Detroit, and he was traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers. He put a curse on the Lions for trading him and it stuck. But, getting back to Matthew Stafford, he was the Lions quarterback for years. They really never had a solid offensive line and didn’t have a lot of great players. He did have Hall of Fame flanker Calvin Johnson, and Stafford was the quarterback who threw all those passes to him to achieve greatness.

Bottom line, fans and media are piling on Stafford because they feel he didn’t do enough to help the Lions become a winner. That is complete garbage. The Lions organization has smelled since Bobby Layne put that curse on them 50 years ago.

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Sure, Stafford had some bad games and injuries, but so has every quarterback that has ever played in the NFL. People have to accept the Lions just hired and drafted poor for many years. They have a solid reputation for this.

Matt Stafford, one year removed, has helped take the Los Angeles Rams back to the Super Bowl. Unbelievable! So don’t put all the blame on Stafford for the Lions' failure, this goes to the Ford Family who for years have done a rotten job overseeing their family interest.

I can only hope that Matt Stafford cuts the cake and wins a Super Bowl. If he accomplishes this, he will be a Hall of Famer for sure. You need to ask yourself, if Tom Brady was drafted by the Lions years ago, where would he be? Probably selling pantyhose in Toledo! Leave Matt Stafford alone. The Lions organization has to get much better!

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