This Coronavirus is really spoiling a lot of people’s upcoming Fall.

First, the Lansing School District cancels inner-city Fall sports. Now the other high schools are on high alert for the shoe to fall with their programs. But, of course, the Ivy League, MAC,  Pac-12, Big Ten, and many other schools have canceled their Fall sports.

But the Big Ten and Pac-12 have a lot more revenue to lose. They calculate somewhere between 80 and 90 million will be lost by these universities.  The other non-generating sports will be crushed by this windfall. Many furloughs, layoffs, canceled sports will happen because of the uncertainty of Coronavirus. But, the Big 12, ACC, and the SEC are planning on playing football in their parts of the country. I don’t get it. Medical people say the West Coast, Midwest, and all points in between aren’t safe to play sports. But in the South and Southwest, it’s ok.

This makes no sense with the contradicting.

Nick Saban in my books is the greatest college head football coach in the history of his sport. But, he made a statement this week that his players would be safer under Alabama’s watch then if these players stayed at home.

Now with all due respect to Coach Saban, he isn’t a medical person. Under these circumstances, nothing is foolproof. If someone on his team tests positive his entire team would probably have to quarantine.  That’s what Michigan State had to do. He can make that statement but what if it isn’t true.

Look, I get it everyone wants to play but there is still too much uncertainty with this virus. Sure, a ton of money will be lost but people’s lives and safety are still in jeopardy and that’s key. I continue to say, I don’t fear Coronavirus but I respect it.

If I’m ripped for this post so be it. I wish they could play football in our area but under the Covid-19 conditions it just risky. But, if these other conferences play all their games and no one tests positive that will be incredible. I’m not saying it can’t happen anything is possible. This is unbelievable.

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