Tim Staudt is the dean of Mid-Michigan sports--everyone knows that.

But did you know he once was the voice of Michigan State football?

Staudt brought the above photo in today. In fact, he threw it in front of me while I was on air closing out the last segment of the morning show. It effectively derailed the entire bit, because how could I not lose all composure when seeing an exquisitely coiffed, 20-something Tim Staudt for the first time? It was like hopping in a time machine to witness the Gettysburg Address or something of similar historical significance.

I mean look at that! It's like a scene out of "Anchorman!" Instead, it's actually a promotional photo for WJIM's MSU football radio crew in 1978. That's Staudt on the left. On the right is longtime MSU radio play-by-play man George Blaha. (Think of how emasculated George must've felt having to sit next to that heartbreaker!) At the time, Blaha was WJIM's news guy.Tim was the weatherman.

You can see the photo and hear Tim give the backstory in the video above. It's definitely worth your 40 seconds, if not only to give you a little material for the next time you talk to the dean.

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