Former NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez was found dead in his prison cell early Wednesday morning by corrections officers in Massachusetts.

Hernandez, who was currently serving a life sentence over a murder charge he was found guilty of back in 2013, was just recently acquitted of two first-degree murder charges stemming from a 2012 case. His lawyer for that case, Jose Baez, said an appeal of the 2013 guilty ruling was possible just yesterday.

Hernandez was found guilty of the 2013 murder charge on April 17, 2015.

Hernandez's on the field accomplishments were marred by numerous off the field incidents starting back in his days at the University of Florida, where he was a BCS National Champion in 2009. In one year (2007) Hernandez found himself involved in a bar fight and as a possible suspect in a drive-by shooting in Gainesville.

Additionally, Hernandez's off the field problems extended to a 2013 murder charge (where he was found guilty), and the 2012 double homicide charge (where he was recently acquitted of murder but found guilty for illegal possession of a handgun). Hernandez was also caught up in legal proceedings over a drive-by shooting in Miami back in 2013.

Hernandez's likeness has been washed away by both the University of Florida and the New England Patriots (where he played for three seasons) as his off the field issues became public knowledge. His likeness was also removed from the Pro Football Hall of Fame (as an image from a photo contest) and his likeness was dropped from video games he previously appeared in (NCAA Football and Madden series).

Hernandez was 27 years old.

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