Miles Bridges is quite possibly the only projected lottery pick in this year's draft that is struggling with the idea of going back to school or going pro. Reports came out yesterday that he is heavily leaning towards coming back to Michigan State.

On the heels of all that, Bridges tweeted this image out this afternoon.

When you break the tweet down it's not very cryptic. At it's surface the image says "about us" and "not about me", this could easily be read as his annoucement to coming back for his sophomore season at Michigan State.

Going further, the professionally made image (most likely from MSU athletics, see their Twitter and Instagram marks on the bottom) and the fact that the announcement is going to be held in a Spartan branded place (the Spartan Statue outside the football stadium) it's easy to read between the lines and assume he is coming back for another season.

Not many declarations for the NFL/NBA draft are made in such iconic locations for a particular campus.

If for some odd reason that isn't the case, Bridges has until 11:59 PM on April 23 to declare for the NBA Draft and he can participate in the NBA Combine in mid-May. If he doesn't hire an agent during this process he can back out of the declaration up to 10 days after the Combine to return to school.

While it seems unlikely he will declare for the Draft given the circumstances, it won't be made official until the man himself says it. And we'll all find out what he has to say at 6:00 PM tonight.

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