The Detroit News has pretty much ruined my life, so what's a little extra humiliation?

I want to hear your captions for this photo of me. Leave them in the comments below. Funny ones are encouraged. Mean ones too--especially if they make me laugh. Game recognize game.

Here's the back story, in case you didn't know: I was at the Miles Bridges announcement last Thursday, broadcasting the event via Facebook Live. In the midst of Bridges being mortified by his father's remarks that Bridges has a better game than Josh Jackson, I cracked a smile. Apparently, The Detroit News was Johnny on the spot and rather inconspicuously snapped the above shot of me mid-grin, instantly capturing one of the creepiest photos of all time while simultaneously ruining what was left of my reputation.

I'm guessing my phone case got their attention. Or maybe the photographer thought, "Hey look--Jason Momoa came out here for the Miles Bridges news!" (Please, just let me have this.)

Whatever the case, they got a gem.

And now I'm Buffalo Beanie.

Anyway, let's have some fun with it. Let's hear those captions!

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